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Here comes March

As February bids us farewell, we eagerly welcome the arrival of March—a month filled with promise, renewal, and celebration.

March holds a special significance as we embrace the changing season and find joy in various activities and festivities tailored to residents’ preferences and interests.

With the arrival of spring, this month offers a wealth of possibilities to engage residents and create meaningful experiences that celebrate life and community.

Let's consider how we can infuse our care homes with energy, joy, and a sense of renewal this month.

Channel the spirit of spring by transforming your communal spaces into vibrant oases of colour and life. Decorate with floral arrangements, pastel hues, and symbols of growth and renewal to usher in the season of new beginnings.

Continue your gardening activities where residents can plant seeds, tend to indoor plants, or simply enjoy the beauty of nature blooming around them. Encourage residents to make flower arrangements for their own rooms, community dining rooms and lounges, using flowers from the garden. Small pots of Narcissus (daffodils) can be bought cheaply from local shops and used to create cheerful flower displays on window sills and tables. These are perfect for celebrating St David's Day and the bulbs can then be planted outside for more colour in your garden for next year.

March is likely to be bustling with birthdays and anniversaries among your residents and colleagues. Take this opportunity to celebrate each individual in a meaningful and personalised way. Your group sessions can be used to create handmade cards, bake delicious cakes, and organise festivities tailored to the preferences and interests of the birthday celebrants. Whether it’s a cosy gathering or a lively party, ensure that each resident feels cherished and celebrated on their special day, (be mindful of those who do not celebrate birthdays and anniversaries).

This month is a melting pot of cultural celebrations and observances. Embrace this diversity by organising themed activities, crafts, and food first experiences that honour different traditions from around the world. From St David's Day, Mothering Sunday, St. Patrick’s Day, International Women’s Day, World Theatre Day through to Holy Week and Easter Sunday, provide opportunities for residents to learn about and celebrate various cultures, fostering a sense of inclusivity and appreciation within your care home.

Foster moments of gratitude and connection, sharing thoughts and memories, with a Spring Themed Afternoon Tea.

By embracing the spirit of spring, honouring birthdays, exploring cultural diversity, prioritising wellbeing, and fostering moments of gratitude and connection, you can create an enriching and vibrant environment where residents thrive and flourish.

Let this March be a time of celebration, growth, and cherished memories for all!

For further ideas for March activities consider joining our SILVER MEMBERSHIP

Which activity are your residents most looking forward to this month?

  • St David's Day

  • Easter

  • Mothering Sunday

  • Other


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