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Hello August

Firstly, my apologies, this should have gone out on Monday - how is it Thursday already?

If you're still looking for inspiration for activities this month, keep calm and be Amazing.

If you, like many, are struggling to get back into the rhythm you had before the pandemic - just stop and take a deep breath.

In case you haven't heard this yet (or maybe you need to hear it again) THIS IS THE NEW NORMAL.

And it's going to be better!


Because we have experienced the 'unknown' and the panic and the drastic actions we had to take in the first wave of the pandemic. (We know we can face and survive hard situations.)

Because we have experienced, and hopefully are still experiencing the flow of 'self-care' and how that is so important to us and those around us.

This wave has been huge and we must stay connected to it if we want to survive 'life'.

We must support each other and make incremental steps to support ourselves in our efforts for self-care.

You can not pour from an empty cup!

If you don't look after you and your work colleagues, who will look after your residents?

As part of this flow of self-care you can support your residents to express their own feelings and desires.

Take the time to listen to your residents.

Take an end of summer reset and make a list of your top 5 goals for the next five months.

Involve your whole care home family.

Make a wall display with photographs and wish lists so that everyone can see it.

You may have been taught as a child that you shouldn't share your wishes (think back to when you blew out the candles on your birthday cake) but I urge you to share them.

Use social media and your local media too (radio, local newspaper, etc.)

When other people can see you wishes written out in black and white, they are able to see where they might be able to help. You will be amazed by the number of wishes that come true before the new year.

Involving your colleagues helps to show them that you are being inclusive, share the joy when any dreams come true.

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