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#Fun with Twitter - part 1

Most humans enjoy discovering things, a favourite necklace that belonged to Mother, a gorgeous coat in a select store, cufflinks that reflect a favourite hobby, a photograph of children that have since grown-up, a long-forgotten tune in an old record collection, the realisation that they can still teach their grandchildren a thing or two, the list is endless.

Twitter offers the chance to discover new things every day, we can catch up on the big news stories, we can learn how to make or bake something, we can learn about how to use #hashtags, we can create our own Twitter profile and share our own stories.

You can get your customers involved in a Twitter Fest by linking you lap top to a larger screen, share some of the Twitter profiles you have found, if you have a Twitter Profile for your home, museum or library, start with that one. Click through the photographs to look back on the fun times you have had previously. Which photographs are their favourites?

Ask relatives if they are on Twitter, what’s their Twitter ‘Handle’ (profile name)? Add an article in your newsletter about your Twitter profile and include your Twitter Handle in all future newsletters and any promotional pieces you do. Share your photographs with those ‘Handles’ you collect and please include ours too for extra promotion - @BCKuk and @ActivitiesChat.

Invite relatives, friends and local groups to follow you too. Local groups can include; local schools, museums, libraries and coffee shops, etc. Don’t forget to add your local media sources such as local radio station and newspaper. Perhaps one of your residents, or a group of residents would like to help with the promotion of your Twitter profile, if not, you could ask a relative or member of your ‘Friends of…’ group.

Residents might like to start their own Twitter profiles, if so, hold a short series of lessons for residents, relatives, friends and neighbours.

Make it sociable, fun and informative, include refreshments and this could be a great fundraiser if you charge a small fee.

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