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Manor Lodge Care Home - Fitness Friday

Activities Coordinator Hannah is on a mission!

She wants to get the residents and staff at Manor Lodge Care Home moving more to increase fitness, mobility, and wellbeing for everyone.

During the week, Hannah hosts many different exercise classes including Yoga, Pilates, Chair Dance and Morning Stretch sessions.

She has also started a new craze called ‘Fitness Fridays’ where residents and staff get to request what physical activity, they do that morning.

‘Fitness Friday’s are one of my favourite times of the week. Giving residents and staff the opportunity to choose what physical activity they want to do encourages them to get involved more and take ownership of the movement they are doing.’

Whilst improving physical wellbeing in the residents and staff at Manor Lodge, Hannah is also keen to improve the mental wellbeing of all.

From her own experiences, she shared how ‘using my training of becoming a Dance Practitioner and from my experience of how I feel when I am moving to music and singing along to all the songs, I wanted to give the residents the same opportunity to just let go and enjoy themselves whilst being physically and mentally active.’

Hannah regularly asks residents for their music preferences and request’s so that each individual has the chance to listen to what they like. Even if the resident may not want to take part in the exercise, they can still participate by suggesting music to use so they are still engaging with the activity. Song choices are often chosen from cultural backgrounds, different genres and how they are feeling that day. This enhances residents experience at Manor Lodge and personalises day to day activities including Fitness Friday’s.

During Fitness Friday’s, resident’s individual, physical weaknesses are taken into account so these can be supported and focussed on to improve mobility, muscular strength and flexibility. Over time, we increase the intensity of exercise, to resident’s physical capacity, to improve and build upon their physical endurance and wellbeing.

One resident shared ‘I really enjoy the exercises classes at Manor Lodge as they help me to stretch out my body and keep me moving. I like to contribute to the sessions by offering stretch ideas and suggesting different exercises for everyone to join in with.

We have a good laugh on a Friday when we are deciding what exercise to try each week and sharing our favourite music too.’

To keep up to date with activities and events at Manor Lodge Care home follow them on Instagram and Facebook @manor_lodge


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