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Entertainment Spotlight - Mindful Music

Jed & Maggie are Mindful Music based in Greater Manchester.

Inclusive, interactive musical entertainment for seniors, enabling them to feel young at heart and reviving musical memories of yesterday!

Jed and Maggie perform music mainly from the 50s/60s which has good rhythms and uplifting memorable lyrics.

They love to see residents joining in with the singing - those affected by Dementia can often sing a song they remember from their teens word perfect.

They enjoy the enthusiasm of residents as they join in with percussion which Jed and Maggie distribute during the session.

Jed and Maggie are extremely supportive of Dementia charities and donate the payment that they receive when they entertain to the three main charities; Alzheimers Society, Dementia UK and Dementia research.

You'll find them listed in the online Directory on the Greater Manchester page of the Entertainment Section - click here


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