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A day trip for Eric and Ron

Did you read about Sylvia and Ingrid's swimming trip in the blog last week?

You can read about it here Sylvia and Ingrid go swimming

Meanwhile, Country Court residents Eric and Ron also enjoyed a ‘Make a wish’ day trip.

Whilst the ladies took a swim the two gentlemen experienced a day of fishing at nearby Lovell’s Lake.

They were accompanied by Castor Lodge’s maintenance man Andrew Gennery. Andrew is also a keen fisherman and was able to support them to have a relaxing day at the lakeside.

Both Eric and Ron were delighted with their catch and loved the opportunity to engage with a pastime they love.

Following their morning activities, all the residents met up at the Lakeside café for lunch and a refreshing drink in the sunshine.

The ‘Make a wish’ initiative has seen residents from across the Country Court group enjoy special outings and activities.

From scoring goals at Sheffield United Football Club to off-road driving and many special day trips and outings.


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