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Creative Display Ideas for Sharing Past Activities in Care Homes

Fostering a sense of community and reminiscing on past activities are vital aspects of creating a warm and engaging environment for residents in their home.

One effective way to achieve this is through display boards that showcase past activities, events, and memorable moments. These display boards not only serve as visual reminders but can also spark conversations and bring residents together.

Hold sessions with your residents to work together to capture the essence of past activities using creative ideas for designing your display boards. Use a large piece of card as your template to make it easier to design the boards. If you plan to frame your collages, make sure you use the correct sized board to fit the frame.

Try some of these ideas and encourage residents to come up with some of their own.

Themed Collages:

Create themed collages for each month or season featuring photographs, artwork, and memorabilia from corresponding activities and events. For example, a music themed collage could include favourite bands and solo artists, a variety of styles of music and a karaoke session, while a holiday themed collage could showcase postcards and images of favourite places alongside examples of residents' holiday snaps.

Seasonal Showcase: 

Rotate display boards seasonally to reflect the changing calendar year and corresponding activities. For example, a spring themed display could feature photos of flower arranging workshops and nature walks, a summer themed collage could include photographs from outdoor picnics, gardening sessions, and summer parties, while an autumn themed display might highlight harvest festivals and pumpkin decorating contests.

This rotation keeps the display fresh and relevant throughout the year.

Memory Lane Timeline:

Design a timeline display board tracing the history of the care home and highlighting significant events, milestones, and activities over the years. Incorporate photographs, newspaper clippings, and handwritten anecdotes to evoke nostalgia and prompt residents to share their own memories. If the care home is newly built, show a timeline of how the plans and building works developed, with photographs of the first residents and staff members.

Interactive Memory Board:

Construct an interactive memory board where residents can contribute their own mementos, stories, and experiences. Provide designated areas for residents to pin photos, write notes, or attach small objects related to past activities. This collaborative approach fosters a sense of ownership and encourages residents to actively participate in preserving collective memories.

Take this one step further with a Storytelling Wall: 

Dedicate a section of the display board as a "Storytelling Wall" where residents can share personal anecdotes, memories, and reflections related to past activities. Provide writing materials and prompts to encourage residents to write short stories or poems inspired by their experiences. Display these contributions alongside corresponding photographs for a heartfelt and personal touch.

Virtual Scrapbook Display:

Embrace technology by creating a virtual scrapbook display board that rotates through digital slideshows or videos showcasing highlights from past activities.

Utilise digital photo frames or screens to display multimedia content, allowing residents to relive cherished moments with the touch of a button.

Don't forget to showcase your Monthly Activity Calendar:

Incorporate a monthly activity calendar into the display board layout, showcasing upcoming events, outings, and activities. Use colourful visuals and symbols to differentiate between different types of activities and highlight special occasions.

Encourage residents to refer to the calendar regularly and participate in planning future activities. Share your creations with your care home visitors too this will help them to feel involved and welcome in the home.

By implementing these creative display ideas, care homes can celebrate the rich tapestry of past activities and foster a sense of connection, belonging, and joy among residents.

Whether through themed collages, interactive memory boards, or storytelling walls, these displays serve as poignant reminders of shared experiences and cherished memories, enriching the lives of residents and enhancing the sense of community within the care home environment.


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