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Celebrating St Valentine's Day

Activity coordinators will be making their final preparations for St Valentine's Day this week. Following on from NATIONAL STORYTELLING Week Jan 28th~4th February 2017, the most romantic day of the year is bound to spark conversations about love, relationships and marriage. Help to bring these personal stories to life with props for memory jogging, invite younger people in to share the secrets of a long marriage and share tales of famous love stories.

Our morning 'cuppa' will be enjoyed with heart shaped biscuits and chocolates and dining tables adorned with red or pink tablecloths and napkins and rooms decorated with paper hearts.

Beautiful flower arrangements including red roses will adorn our homes which may bring back memories of wedding bouquets and church flowers, or gifts of roses in the past.

Whether you are planning Reminiscence Sessions, Romantic Meals, Valentine Parties or Themed Quizzes you'll find some great ideas on website.

Where ever you see the Member Badge on the website click to access Member Pages for more inspiration and information.

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