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To Elf or not to Elf? - that's a very good question!

A fabulous conversation began last week when an Activity Coordinator mentioned that she was considering doing Elf on the Shelf in her care home and did anyone have any tips on the best way to do it.

She received an array of comments some were in favour, explaining how they were including Elf on the Shelf in their care home activities.

Many others explained that they did not include Elf on the Shelf in their activities because it was deemed "too babyish".

So the question is, "Is Elf on the Shelf a suitable activity for your home?" and the answer is "Yes!" with the caveat that you fully consider how you do it.

Here are three examples of how use Elf on the Shelf to raise a smile from your residents and colleagues.

On day one, place your Elf on a shelf as a simple addition to your Christmas Decorations.

The following day place the Elf at the opposite end of the shelf, ask your residents if they notice anything different.

On day three, place a basket of balls of wool and knitting needles ready for your Knitting Club. Place one of the balls of wall outside the basket with the end of the wool draping into the basket (as if the ball had fallen out of the basket) place another ball and a pair of knitting needles with the Elf.

Encourage your residents to think about other antics your Elf could get up to, use your regular activities for inspiration.

If you are also responsible for your social media account, take photographs each day and post them daily. If you have any residents interested in photography, get them involved and use their photographs. Share these photographs with any residents who may not have seen your Elf, photographs are an excellent tool to increase your

Discuss sharing the antics of your Elf with younger members of your care home family - grandchildren, great grandchildren of residents and children and grandchildren of staff.

This changes your care home activity into an activity for the children, organised by the residents. Your residents now have purpose and can be supported to use their creative talents to provide a fun activity for others to enjoy.

So, is Elf on the Shelf too babyish for your residents?

- only if you don't consider how they might participate in the activity in a way that is appropriate to them.

What are your thoughts? - Let us know in the comments on this blog and come and join the conversation on Facebook


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