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7 reasons why Care Home Activities Matter

There are many more reasons why Care Home Activities Matter, here I am just focussing on the difference they can make to the wellbeing of residents.

- Otherwise I would need a bigger piece of paper, ha ha.

1. Being physically active at different times during the day can be very beneficial. It helps us to retain our physical abilities for longer and can even help us to improve on them.

Chair exercises, dance, yoga, playing the drums, gardening and even singing are all physical exercises which can be enjoyed by many of our residents.

They can also help to improve our balance, so fewer accidents in the future.

2. Activities which mentally stimulate us, such a quick quiz, reading, reminiscence sessions, singing, planning, conversations about things which interest us, listening to talks about interesting subjects all help us to retain and build on our mental abilities.

This can help us to focus on what is happening around us and, in turn, can help us to engage in more activities.

3. Mealtime Activities, such as a themed dinner, picnic in the park or family BBQ can all help to increase our nutritional and hydrational intake. - Think Fish & Chips at the seaside, the place, the smell, the memories all help the food to taste better.

Likewise, activities which are linked to the foods we eat, such as peeling potatoes, playing a fishing game, picking strawberries or herbs, will all help stimulate our senses to make us feel hungry.

4. Relaxation Sessions can help us to slow down our heart rate, feel more rested and less anxious, as well as lift our mood.

Aromatherapy, Gratefulness Sessions, Mindful Colouring, Hand Massage, etc. can all make us feel more relaxed and less agitated.

5. Music, Art and Crafts have all had a lot of research time spent on them with regards to their usefulness in care home settings, healthcare and dementia care and have come out with heaps of glowing reports as to their benefits.

They help uplift our mood as well as helping us to express our feeling in a safe and controlled environment.

Helping us to relax and feel happier than we did before.

6. Being involved in an activity with others during an activity helps us to feel as though we belong. This is true whether we are enjoying some time with either a single other person or a group of people (or anything in between).

Group activities can help us to feel secure in our surrounding and more comfortable with the people around us.

7. Being tuned in with what each person desires or needs with regards to each type of activity is important.

Getting the correct balance between 'busy' activities and rest can be a challenge, but when we get it right it can help us to sleep better and feel more rested and relaxed when we are awake.

So, whether we are at rest or at play, busy with chores or hobbies, it is clear that #carehomeactivitiesmatter


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