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Why Bright Copper Kettles?

Why Bright Copper Kettles?

Many Activity Coordinators will get this without explaination, but for those of you that don't ...

Songs from 'The Sound of Music' are very popular and many people know the words when the music is played.

Bright Copper Kettles are listed amongst 'a few of my favourite things'.

How does Bright Copper Kettles help Activity Coordinators?

There is lots of evidence based research available for Activity Coordinators to access as well as lots of ideas of how to implement the approaches and theories that have been found to be beneficial for older people and specifically for older people with dementia. Through Bright Copper Kettles (BCKuk) I endeavor to collect the information and bring it together under the 'umbrella' of BCKuk to make it more accessible.

What sort of information is available?

I'm still collating the information, I don't want to hold on to what I already have, I want to share it with people who can make use of it.

The website includes a calendar of special dates. Activity Coordinators can use these to plan ahead. They are accessed via the 'Let's plan ahead' tab under 'The Activities Coordinator' on the main menu. Each month has its own page. From the month page you can access a variety of websites for more information or activity ideas. There are also buttons to take you to extra pages for some of the dates. These pages contain further ideas for activities. In addition there are links to the Pinterest boards.

Some of the best ideas come from talking to each other and developing your own ideas so BCKuk also has a Members Only section which includes a Muut discussion board. This is new to the site but, it is hoped, they will be come as popular as the Facebook Groups and Pages. The Activities Coordinators' Chat Page is very popular and it would be lovely to see those people making full use of

The website includes a Business Directory with an A-Z and search by area listings of Entertainers and Activity Providers and I am hoping to add more, such as Dementia Care Trainers too.

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