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What, no Bingo?

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

Since starting Bright Copper Kettles CIC, I have come across people doing similar work who are 'anti Bingo'.

Bingo was actually one of the activities that my grandmother really engaged in when she moved into her care home.

The arguments against Bingo (and apparently there are many) could quite easily have swayed me against providing this pastime in care homes.

After all, my grandmother was always a bit 'sniffy' about Bingo and would never have played such a 'low-class' game (her words, not mine).

We certainly weren't going to be putting her name forward for this weekly activity.

But, after a few years of living alone and the onset of dementia, this group activity was definitely an attraction for her.

And one which brought her, and many others, out of there rooms each week.

Creating an opportunity for social engagement, focus and fun.

It's very easy to dismiss an idea as 'lazy', 'un-inspiring' and 'unsuitable', but I know from experience that we need to provide the opportunities to try everything available, until we find what works for each person living and/or working in a care home environment.

As we move forward towards providing group activities once again, I do hope that Bingo isn't an activity which is left on the shelf.

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