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United for All Ages

Following last weeks blog from United for All Ages, we thought you would like to know more about them. We asked Denise Burke, Director, to tell us more, this is what she told us;

Our society is increasingly divided and segregated by age. Different generations often don’t mix with each other. And they don’t share and understand each other’s views and positions on issues ranging from housing and debt to wealth and pensions.

This is not healthy for our country or citizens and fails to fulfil the potential of people of all ages.

United for All Ages aims to build a stronger Britain and stronger communities by bringing younger and older people together. We are a ‘think and do’ tank that develops policy ideas and helps implement them.

Launched in 2010, United for All Ages is a social enterprise working with policymakers, councils, charities, universities and companies to make ‘a Britain for all ages’ a reality. United for All Ages focuses on how action for and by all ages can tackle some of Britain’s major social and economic issues, from housing and care to work and technology.

We do this through promoting and supporting shared sites, shared interests and shared caring. Sharing activities and conversations helps bring different ages together and tackles myths, stereotypes and suspicions.

United for All Ages was set up by Stephen Burke and Denise Burke who both have substantial experience in childcare and eldercare.

Stephen was chief executive of two national care charities, and was councillor, cabinet member and leader as well as vice-chair of the primary care trust in a London borough. Stephen is chair and trustee of several national and local organisations working on housing, care, health, families and ageing.

Denise led on childcare for Peterborough city council and headed up youth and childcare for

the Mayor of London as well as being chair of BBC Children in Need for London and the South East. She has been a childcare and early years consultant with local authorities and provides expert advice to lenders and entrepreneurs who are interesting in investing in early years and intergenerational projects/start-ups, was interim CEO of smallsteps, the largest childcare provider in the Netherlands, and chair of the Poppy & Jacks nursery group in north-west England.

In 2012 United for All Ages and My Family Care launched, the only site where families can find, rate and review childcare and eldercare. United for All Ages has also set up to encourage and support older people to downsize their home.

Policy papers and commentary by United for All Ages can be found at:

Contact Denise on 01692 650816 or

Follow on twitter @thedeniseb

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