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Tiny Caring Gestures and Gentle Sweet Reminders.

I started writing poetry to show people that care homes are full of compassion and are great places to work. Up and down the country there are very special people totally dedicated to providing excellent care for their elderly residents.

Unfortunately good news doesn't sell newspapers, so the odd scandal and rotten apple can show a very biased view of what it is really like. Of course it is essential that bad practice is reported and those responsible brought to justice but it is very hard to go home, after having given your all, to yet another slating in the press.

“Tiny Caring Gestures” was written to show in verse what it is really like to be in care and it also touches on dealing with dementia and grief. These are two highly emotive subjects that are often skirted around and I have tried to break down some of the taboos.

“Gentle sweet reminders” is my second book, which is a roller coaster of emotions and personal experiences. I have included some poems for use in reminiscing sessions. They have been very well received in poetry mornings at work and I am always being asked for more!

I have again confronted the demon which is dementia and included some poems that I wrote for a friend who recently lost her husband.

Jan Millward.

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