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The story behind the name 'Ladder to the Moon'

Editor's note: Thank you to Ben Neale and Chris Gage of Ladder to the Moon for their kind permission to reproduce this article here. The original can be found here.

Ladder to the Moon is named after painting by Georgia O’Keefe. We like the name because it has ambition, a powerful vision… and also a fantastic, yet ultimately practical, means by which to get there.

The 'Moon' we're heading for as a company is a world where every social care organisation is a vibrant, open, creative place where people want to come to live and people want to come to work.

You will have your own 'Moon' and we believe that no matter where you or your service is on your own Ladder – near the bottom, in the middle, or near the top – that there is a step you can take to get closer to that Moon.

My 'starting-to-scale-the-Ladder to the Moon' top tip is: first of all, appreciate where you and/or your service is. Appreciate the view! Be honest about where you are. Be clear about where you're trying to get to. Then identify your next step. Before taking it. Skipping steps or attempting to step too far won’t help! Step by step, change is possible. I'm delighted to say I see it all the time. Ladder to the Moon are here to support the change you would like to see.

At Ladder to the Moon we offer 3 core services that support care providers to achieve 'Outstanding' care. These can be tailored to suit your environment, and at each level we work with you throughout. See Our Services.

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