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The Mountain they call DEMENTIA

The Mountain They Call DEMENTIA ......................

One day, one day soon, we will all look around and find ourselves , finally on top of the mountain they call dementia. as we take in the view from the top we will notice others, many others, stood by us , side by side, looking at the same view, breathing the same clear air and feeling the weight of what seem like a lifetime lifted from our shoulders.

We will start to move closer to each other as we realise that we have all been in this together, then it begins, the first hug, then the second the third until we are all hugging with relief, knowing at last a cure has been found and dementia banished forever. Smiles begin to erupt as wide as any ocean on earth just before the first teardrop falls, a teardrop of pure happiness and jubilation that begins a river, a sea , a Tsunami of billions of tears wept by everybody, tears of complete happiness and joy but also tears of relief.

Soon these tears of joy turn to tears of sorrow for all we have lost to this awful disease, for all they went through, their pain, their frustration and their anger at knowing that all they ever knew and worked for was being eaten away by this invisible devil. Suddenly, all begin to realise how much of their own lives they have given, their time, their effort, their unrelenting patience and unconditional love, given without a though and in a heartbeat.

Then, relief begins to wash over all as they now realise, all that anger, all that pain and all that frustration has been eradicated by the cure, and the walk to the top of the mountain the call dementia was all the time and love that they put in. As they stand and look around them, holding hands, together as one family, they know a new dawn has broken and life will never be the same again, but much better for all.

Much Love To All, Please share

CC Norrms Mc Namara

9th July 2016

Diagnosed myself eight years ago with dementia , and still climbing that hill with you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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