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The Giving Garden Project

David holding three large bunches of brightly coloured flowers
David Tole, Founder: The Giving Garden Project

At The Giving Garden Project, we aim to make a lasting impact in the Stockport area and beyond.

Our objective is to provide a free flower delivery service to those who need it the most.

My Grandma was in a dementia care home for several years, and after a while I noticed some of the residents received little to no visitors.

After my grandma passed last year, I had the idea to set up the Giving Garden Project, to spread some happiness through the care homes via flowers.

We have worked closely with the Borough care group in supplying their care home residents with flowers to brighten up their day.

We try and select residents who don’t receive many visitors or are going through a hard time.

Borough Care has gone above and beyond in helping our non-profit so far.

We are absolutely over the moon, as I am sure the residents receiving the flowers will be too.

As well as local care homes, we also have a nomination form on the website.

This allows people to nominate someone who would really benefit from some flowers.

We have now hit 50 bouquet donations and are now taking on volunteers to increase this number further.

To find out more or to donate to The Giving Garden Project, visit

and kindly show your support by giving them a follow on Instagram @givinggardenproject


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