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'The Blanket for Me' Project Reaches it's Goal of 100 Blankets

We did it!!

‘We’re delighted to have achieved our goal – The Blanket 100 Challenge – and for it to have happened in World Alzheimer’s Month makes it even better!’, says the founder of the group Christiana Fantetti.

The Blanket for Me is a project set up in the UK to increase awareness of Dementia by making and donating bright, colourful lap blankets to Dementia patients. The project was also adopted in Cyprus and in March 2020, just as lockdown began, two teams were set up: one in the UK and one in Cyprus.

As interest grew in the project a joint challenge to get 100 blankets to 100 Dementia patients was set up.

‘The response has been amazing!’, says Christiana. ‘We have received support and donations from Europe, USA, and Canada.’ ‘Team UK has received yarn donations from as far away as the USA and a blanket from Greece. The support in the UK has come from individuals young and old, independent companies, and knitting groups. People have donated yarn, made blankets, and helped spread the word. We’ve also had a graphics designer in Greece who generously created our logo and some literature for us, all for free. It’s been a great community spirit at the toughest of times.’

‘Team Cyprus found our project a positive and productive focus during the difficult months of lockdown. We created a great little community where people again donated yarn and blankets and shared their reasons for wanting to support our work. We have met some wonderful people and created some lovely friendships. The team has also had a donation from as far away as Canada!’

But generating the blankets is only part of the story. The best experience has been making deliveries of our blankets and either seeing the smiles or hearing the comments of their new owners. Some of the stories have been particularly touching. Joyce cried tears of joy when she realised she could keep her new blanket and Nancy said the first night she slept well at the care home was the first night with her new blanket. We’ve even had one of our recipients, 90-year-old Edith, send a thank you note to thank Nicola for making her blanket. Their happiness is priceless.

So far we have delivered blankets in the UK to care homes in Kent, London, Essex, Hertfordshire and Wales. We’re looking for more care homes in London, Essex, and Hertfordshire to make more deliveries!

We thank everyone who has helped us with donations of yarn, blankets, and services.

As the cold month’s approach, we hope that everyone continues to support us with donations, and care homes get in touch so we can make sure more Dementia heroes are wrapped up with warm love and hugs from our bright blankets!

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