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Technology and punching things

This article was originally published on May 13, 2016 on the Ladder to the Moon website.

reproduced here by kind permission of Ladder to the Moon.

Technology and punching things: Ladder competition winnings spent on 3 top purchases to enhance social engagement

All participants in our ongoing Outstanding Activities development programme are invited to make contribution to our quarterly Evidence of Outstanding Activities Competition by sharing evidence of vibrancy, creativity, wellbeing or personalised social engagement which has been caused by their involvement with Ladder to the Moon.

Every three months, a nationwide winner receives either an iPod touch or £140 Amazon voucher for their care service, to help them continue to enhance their activities provision.

The winner of our Spring quarter was announced recently (see below). Last Autumn the winner was Margaret Dilks, from Sharnbrook House. Sharnbrook opted for the £140 Amazon voucher and used it to purchase three things:

1. A Tablet

Portable access to the internet, apps, pictures and evidencing. Currently the favourite use is looking up residents’ home towns and playing word games.

2. A Sound Bar For Use In The Dining Room

Bringing aural pleasure and engagement to diners

3. A Boxing Sparring Set

"this one’s the best" Maggie confides

Featuring a pair of boxing gloves & training pads and used for exercise sessions.

“Put the gloves on them and they automatically want to start punching things!"


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