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Tea Towel Travel Tales

Tea towels offer a wonderfully, natural way to start an interesting conversation.

If you have some tea towels from old holidays or even other people's holidays, these can lead to discussions about places you have been to and places you would like to go.

Or it may lead to conversations about the people who bought them, or live in the places that they represent.

Try to vary between places in the UK and places abroad.

Watch for positive and negative responses, if towels gifted from abroad prompt reactions related to envy, you might find it easier to steer clear of them.

If you can laugh it off though, you might find that this activity is just as useful as one you feel gives a more positive experience. Particularly if the phrase "it's being so miserable, makes her happy" is one you are familiar with for the individual you are caring for.

Tea towels are fairly easy to hangout on the line and the familiar 'quick flip' action to straighten them out will also add a little extra to your excercise. It is a great way to keep individuals more mobile and engaged in activities of daily living (often referred to as ADLs)

The weather is a favourite topic of the British too. Washing hanging in the garden, in a place it can be seen from a favoured seat, will no doubt have many watching the weather in case it threatens to rain. For those who may find it difficult to manage this alone, it is a great excuse for you to ask, "Do you think it is going to rain?" or simply make a passing remark such as "I wonder if that washing is dry yet..." You might be surprised with an answer.

Collecting the washing in is yet another opportunity for a little exercise and and folding tea towels can be managed by many who find other daily tasks difficult. Make a joke of folding the towels together like tiny bed sheets if folding alone proves too difficult. If they are happy with their solo attempts however, let them be and shove them in the drawer ( you can always re-fold them later if you are that particular).

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