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Sun cream, hats and jelly

The sun has got his hat on hip-hip-hip-hooray

Extra care is needed on sunny days and we need to be careful that we're don't appear too bossy when we remind our elders that they need to take extra care too.

Some people will bring their own head-wear with them when they move into their new home, others may like to go shopping for a fancy new hat. Otherwise it can be fun to take a box full of sun hats out into the garden where residents can choose their favourites. Singing songs about hats seems to happen automatically during this activity.

Our skin needs protection from the sun's rays and sun cream is a must for carers and residents alike. Try to turn it into a pamper session and 'massage' the sun cream onto hands, arms, legs and faces. - Don't miss any bare feet! Keep in shaded areas for most of the day, and particularly when the sun is high.

Everyone needs to keep hydrated too. Try smaller cups to tempt those that 'can't be bothered' to drink. Carers may find it useful to carry their own water bottles as they are always on the go. It's a good idea to name these in case they get left behind.

Fruit juice ice lollies are really refreshing on a sunny day.Have plenty of juicy fruits available such as strawberries and raspberries - if you grow your own, encourage residents to pick their own. Try fresh or tinned fruits with ice cream, or add them to your jelly mix to serve with ice cream or evaporated milk when it has set.

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