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Hydration promotion during hot weather

Residents and staff at Summerdyne Nursing home in Bewdley have been enjoying the sunshine lately with many outdoor activities and social events.

Last week Morrisons Community Champion, Diane Rudd from Kidderminster Superstore visited the Worcestershire care home to promote Hydration Awareness throughout the current Heatwave.

Michael Butler, Lifestyle and Wellbeing Lead at Summerdyne said "Hydration for both staff and residents is always important and Diane's visit this week was much appreciated during the increased temperatures."

Diane arrived at the care home, owned by Heritage Manor, with bottles of cold water and soft drinks for staff and residents, encouraging everyone to keep hydrated by increasing their intake of fluids.

Paula Lees, General Manager at Summerdyne said "that whilst sun screen and sun hats were a way of protecting our residents and staff against the sun, Diane's generous gift of cold drinks also ensured that both staff and residents could maintain increased levels of fluid intake too and for this we were thankful."

Irene Wilkes, Resident Ambassador at Summerdyne Nursing Home greeted Diane as she arrived at the home and said "Having bottles of Water and soft drinks visible to us reminds us to keep on top of fluids and to keep hydrated, it also helps the staff to easily access drinks during the warmer weather."

A great job and kind gesture as part of Morrisons 'Making good Things Happen' in their community.


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