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Friday night is "Pub Night" at Cramond Residence

Cramond Residence has introduced a new activity which takes place in a pub style environment with simulated pub seating, a bar, music, Sports TV and table games, The activity takes place every Friday evening between 7pm and 9pm and has proven popular with residents, having already secured around eight regulars.

The "Friday Night Pub Nights" form part of a selection of optional, social activities provided for the residents. Residents have used the activity to engage in lively and meaningful debates about current and past affairs, as well as enjoying a good sing-song to a wide range of music.

Cramond Residence’s Client Liaison Manager, Christian Dario, explained: “The pandemic highlighted the negative effects of social isolation and loneliness, so in our care home, we have endeavoured to create a highly-enriching social calendar that fosters social interaction and enjoyment, ensuring that every resident feels involved in our small community.

“Our lifestyle coordinators have worked hard to put together an extensive activities programme and other activities offered include baking, painting, pet therapy and cheese and wine nights, to name a few!”.

Garylee Rushforth, one of Cramond Residence’s Lifestyle Co-ordinators, remarked on the activity, saying “The pub nights are designed to help to combat loneliness, whilst also improving our residents’ quality of life.

“We are one of a few care home’s offering evening activities as we feel it is important for the independence and wellbeing of our residents.

“Old traditions have certainly not been forgotten at our pub nights, and frequently the first drink of the evening is welcomed with a Scots toast.”


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