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Preparing for Holy Week

What is Holy Week?

Holy Week begins on Palm Sunday and ends on Easter Sunday.

During this week there are usually many activities going on within the church.

Ask your parish church, and any other churches within your care home community, if there are any online activities which you may be able to join in with.

Palm Sunday celebrates the arrival of Jesus into Jerusalem. Traditionally, many churches hand out Palm Crosses during their services on Palm Sunday.

You may still be able to get some Palm Crosses brought to your residents.

Maundy Thursday is when we remember the Last Supper with his disciples.

Good Friday is the day we remember the crucifixion of Jesus

Holy Saturday is the day of the Easter Vigil service a symbolic service as Christians await the resurrection.

Easter Sunday celebrates the resurrection of Christ

Use the week to prepare for the celebrations on Easter Sunday.

When planning activities for Easter make a note of who your activities are for.

Check care plans for notes about those with religious beliefs that will need to be respected during the season.

For some residents your activities may be presented more as a Springtime activity others will want to celebrate Easter in a more religious way and you may find lots of participants fall somewhere between the two.

Easter Colouring Sheets
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