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No-one Ever Asked: Tommy Whitelaw

Tommy On Tour

One man's mission to raise awareness of dementia.

Today is the last day for voting for this blog to win UK Blog of the Year. So I wanted to choose a blog that represents what I am trying to accomplish.

Tommy Whitelaw is a son who has campaigned relentlessly over the past few years to raise the awareness of dementia. He represents all the informal carers that read this blog. I know that many family carers will relate to him as he describes his journey of caregiving. I know that many will understand the confusion he faced as he came to terms with supporting his mother through her experiences following her dementia diagnosis.

Tommy has gone a step further though. Not only is he speaking out for all those that care for their loved ones, he speaks to those who are working in the care industry. He urges specialists in dementia care to remember the person.

So this video is also helpful to professional carers.

I'd like to raise a virtual toast to Tommy Whitelaw and every other person that has or is now caring for someone they love. And I ask all those who support them in that care on a professional basis to join me.

Please remember to ask the question - 'Who am I supporting in care today?'

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