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New Memory Cafe

This week is #DementiaActionWeek so here at Bright Copper Kettles CIC we wanted to put our CIC title to the test.

The letters CIC stand for Community Interest Company and we registered as a CIC last year because we work hard to give to our local community in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, both in time and services.

Last year we ran the Wellingborough and District Memory Walk. It was great fun and raised a lot of interest. The idea was to raise awareness of dementia and we certainly got more people talking about it.

We spoke to people at the walk about the growing need of a new Memory Cafe in Wellingborough, to replace the one previously run by the Alzheimer's Society.

Six months later, we thought this week would be a great time to launch The Memory Cafe.

Thank you to everyone that made donations towards the Memory Cafe.

Our first meeting will take place

on; 11th June 2018

time; 10 am - 12 noon

at; Tesco Superstore, Victoria Park, Turnells Mill Ln, Wellingborough NN8 2EF

You can still give to The Memory Cafe through our Community Pages

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