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Musical Moments making a difference

Musical Moments founder, Beckie Morley works with a smile on her face for good reason. She is pursuing a career in music, something she had been told by a school teacher was a 'silly idea'. Beckie was determined to follow her dream, accepting a place at Leeds College of Music to study a BA (Hons) in Classical Music.

Testing the water during her Community Music placement during her final year, Beckie began working in care homes providing music led sessions. These sessions proved popular and Musical Moments now has six members who are working in over 150 different care homes, day centres and charities in the North West.

The award winning sessions are music based to help stimulate and engage, with the combination of music and movement, role play activities, reminiscence activities and live music. The team work hard to involve and engage with every member of the group they are working with, creating fun and energetic sessions. Last week the team announced the launch of their spanking new website; we think it looks great.

Schools don't always recognise that working with people involves all sorts of talents and interests. To any of our younger readers and parents of young people planning their future, I urge you to follow your dreams when considering higher education. It is only when you follow this path that you will discover the career options that are there for you, learning from the people who share your passion. Beckie is a great example, she is a true winner!

We'd love to hear from you if you have also been able to pursue your dream of working with a talent you have.

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