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Luminate: Creative aging festival celebrates 5 years

Now we are five: it is time to celebrate the annual festival that has provided exciting opportunities for older people to take part in creative activities nationwide. Creative activities and events which are aimed at older people or have a theme relating to ageing, will join the party for the 5th year celebrations at Luminate, Scotland’s creative ageing festival next month.

Luminate was initiated in 2012 to focus on Scotland’s ageing society and create an awareness that the arts have a tremendous amount to offer everyone as we grow older. Research shows that greater engagement improves health, wellbeing and quality of life, yet after the age of 65 we engage less with the arts and culture. Over the years and throughout the country, Luminate has helped address this with an eclectic array of festival programmes encouraging older participants as artists and audiences; sharing views and experiences that may not always be heard; and challenging stereotypes of ageing and older people.

Brian Sloan, Chief Executive, Age Scotland: ‘Luminate encourages us all to recognise the valuable contribution that older people make to society.’

Anne Gallacher, Director, Luminate Scotland: “It is a pleasure to continue and strengthen our vision that older people in Scotland should be able to access and benefit from high quality arts, wherever they live and in whatever circumstances.”

Each year, there are activities all over Scotland - from art workshops and dance classes to music performances and authors' events - and you will find Luminate in theatres, galleries, community halls, care homes and lunch clubs, as well as events online.

Festival highlights include Luminate Short Encounters – new to Luminate this year, this specially curated series of short films explores life in older age and the range of issues and challenges that affect us all. Other unmissable films in our popular film tour include Hotel Salvation set in contemporary India; a humorous, life affirming drama of a son and his father seeking salvation in the holy city of Varanasi. From Sweden we present A Man Called Ove, the story of a man who decides he’s had enough of this world but an unlikely friendship saves him, and from Japan we have the delightful Sweet Bean - the tale of a little business in the suburbs of Tokyo which flourishes after two unlikely people join forces. Don’t miss the opportunity to see classic Western Shane, a film that resonates differently depending on your age. Also amongst the screenings Shipbuilding Stories on Screen at Kelvin Hall, Glasgow, includes Seawards The Great Ships – Scotland’s first Oscar winning documentary.

2017 Festival: 1st - 31st October

Visit the website to find out more

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