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Local artist presents residents at Carter House Care & Nursing Home with dementia friendly artwork

Residents and staff at Carter House Care & Nursing Home in Raynes Park were delighted to receive a beautiful piece of art for their home recently, created by local artist Natasha Barber.

Originally from Wales, Natasha creates expressive and imaginative pieces that connect with nature and conscious living.

Commenting on her gift to the care and nursing home Natasha said “I feel like this painting will bring joy for the residents of the care home as it’s a very bright and positive piece. I would love for your residents to feel uplifted and inspired when looking at it and that is the intention behind the painting... to bring joy.”

“It fills my heart with gratitude that this painting might bring some happiness to people for years to come. The painting itself reminds me of walking in the wild beaches in Wales. Having that beautiful time to oneself to marvel at natures gifts and letting the imagination run wild like a young child.

Home Manager Hilma Dunn was thrilled to receive the artwork “The reaction from our residents was testimony to how much the painting will be valued.”

She added, “The expressiveness of the painting and the intense, vivid colours used is perfect for our residents with dementia, I’m sure it will be appreciated by residents, families and staff alike.

Carter House Care & Nursing Home was acquired by Country Court in March 2019 and is currently undergoing extensive refurbishment. The new painting will have pride of place in one of the newly decorated areas of the home.

The refurbishment will bring the home up to the five-star standard of the Country Court group, which is known for offering the best possible facilities and providing the highest standards of family-led care.

Residents are looking forward to a new bistro café, hair and beauty salon, their very own pub as well as refurbished lounge and dining areas.

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