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Life Lessons from Inspirational Older People - part two

This week we take another look at the Age Uk Mobility article Life Lessons, Inspirational older people.

Original article: was first published December 2015.

I have pleasure in featuring excerpts from this article over the next few week for #MondayMotivation

Entries for Uk Blog Awards close tomorrow, so today we celebrate the achievements of all older people involved in blogging. Josephine H Lalwan is amongst them and here, she shares her advice to her younger self.

It is also a good reminder that when we ask new residents or day care attendees about the things they enjoyed when they were younger, we should also be asking about more recent achievements and times of enjoyment.

Josephine H Lalwan

Josephine describes herself as a woman of mature years currently married to a gorgeous man. 'I have two grown up children and three wonderful grandsons. I spend my time between London and St. Tropez.

I have spend most of my working life in some way connected to fashion. I started my career in Fashion PR and then trained as an Image Consultant when my children were young. I subsequently worked in the corporate world running seminars, doing private coaching and speaking at conferences.

I truly believe we can continue to have confidence in the way we present ourselves. Our style may evolve with time and changing lifestyles, yet with a little knowledge and inspiration we can all continue to have fun with fashion. As women of a certain age we are a growing demographic let us prove that we can also be a chic one.'

Photograph: Julie Adams-Fargues

Josephine H Lalwan launched her very successful blog ‘Chic at Any Age’ in 2009 as a resource for women over 50 to learn about style and fashion, and about how style changes as one gets older.

Visit her blog on

Josephine’s advice to her younger self

Trust your intuition and continue to do what you love to do whatever age you are. Surround yourself with positive inspirational people.


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