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Joyous day trip to celebrate 30th Anniversary of Jurassic Park

Four friends, all residents at Parkview Care Home in Bexleyheath, experienced sheer joy as they attended the 30th-anniversary celebration of Jurassic Park at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

The legendary movie was projected in high definition on the majestic stage of the Royal Albert Hall as the London Philharmonic Concert Orchestra performed live throughout the film. Their skillful playing of John Williams' timeless score elevating the overall cinematic atmosphere for the audience.

This occasion stood as a testament to the profound impact of music and film in crafting enduring and cherished memories.

One resident shared their excitement, saying, "What a fantastic afternoon, the live orchestra really added to the film! It was wonderful seeing the inside of such an iconic venue like the Royal Albert Hall.'"

A spokesperson for Parkview Care Home explained "Day trips and engaging events are not just activities. They are integral components of Parkview’s care philosophy to enhance the well-being of residents, with staff tailoring activities based on residents' interests and requests. 

The trip to the Royal Albert Hall was planned in response to residents expressing a desire for a theatre or concert experience before Christmas."


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