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January is Hot Tea Month

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

January is National Hot Tea Month:

This gives us a great excuse to host lots of tea parties - not that we really need any excuses for putting the kettle on for a cuppa in the UK.

Create invitations and plan your events, large and small. A variety of themes can be used to make life interesting and tea-tasting sessions are a must this month.

Create a Tea Rooms feel by placing a pretty cloth on a table or two (or a group of tables if you have the room) and complete the look with a small flower arrangement. Use your best china (it doesn't matter if it doesn't match) with teapot, sugar bowl and milk jug.

Be prepared to sit down to enjoy a hot cup of tea with your participants, though it isn't always necessary for you to 'play mother' as someone else might like to pour the tea.

Looking for some more inspiration?

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