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How to make group activities more meaningful

Before you start, choose an activity from your list of activities enjoyed by each resident before they came to live in their new forever home.

Your list will consist of activities you have learned about using my FACTs formular.

  • see my previous post about this

Let's take travel as an interest, for instance.

This could be holiday places in the UK or abroad.

Don't forget to include those who have lived in these areas.

Armchair travel for those who enjoyed travelling in the past.

This will make the activity = FUN

Find out where people have travelled to, or have lived, in the past.

This will make the activity = MEANINGFUL

Ask these residents to help plan your virtual trips as experts by experience.

This part of the activity = PURPOSEFUL

When you document your Armchair Travel Activities be sure to note each aspect to show how you have created and supported an activity that is purposeful, meaningful and fun!

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