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How Breezie helped people with dementia to connect to their world

Breezie tablet computers are designed for older users and are in use in the UK, the USA and Australia.

The Breezie interface helps people new to the internet by personalising the experience. Each tablet is set up for its individual user, based on information about their interests. Connections are already made on social media to their friends and family, and email contacts are set up.

That way, the user is immediately engaged with the content - and fear of technology is overcome.

In addition, Breezie offers a care provider valuable analytics and allows information to be distributed to its clients in a targeted way.

In Northern Ireland, Breezie has been introduced to a home for people with dementia. Here’s a short film about the project:

Breezie works with care institutions and would like to hear from any that believe their clients could benefit in the way the group in Northern Ireland clearly have. For more information, please check out the Breezie website, or contact

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