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Help! Our new Activity Coordinator is just plain lazy!

We have a new Activity Coordinator (AC) she’s friendly, and joined our team as a highly recommended, well qualified member.

The only problem is – she’s really lazy!

I keep getting complaints from other members of staff who are really upset that she is making very little effort to support them in the care of our residents. I have kept a record of her first week and I have reported them here.

Monday I received a complaint that the AC had arrived 15 minutes early but then sat down at the breakfast table and started chatting to the residents. She also helped herself to a cup of tea and some marmalade on toast. The carer on duty reported that there were still residents that needed help getting up and bringing into the dining room.

Tuesday I went into the lounge and discovered the AC sitting with one of our ‘easier’ residents, drinking tea and eating biscuits. After checking with another member of staff I was told that she had been there for about an hour.

Wednesday a member of staff came to me to say that the AC had arrived and gone straight to the activity room to sit by herself with a ‘cuppa’ and was sorting paperwork instead of doing an activity with the residents.

Thursday the AC turned up for work in her home clothes and took a resident out to town to buy some supplies for craft making. They came back with two bags and our elderly resident was carrying one of them.

Friday I found the AC once again with cup in hand and a plate of biscuits. This time she was chatting with a resident who had family visitors. Meanwhile, our other residents were left with nothing to do.

It seems that all she wants to do is sit around. I’m worried that as she has behaved like this during her first week there is no hope for the future I had planned. She came with wonderful ideas, but I have not seen any evidence that suggests she is able to achieve any of them.

*I’d love other Activity Coordinators to answer why they might also be ‘caught in action’ like this during their first week. Can you explain what was behind each action and what the AC hoped to gain on behalf of the residents on each day?

The best answers will be published in a later #TheFridayFly

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