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Help bring Kiddleydivey in to the community

Alyson Jabelman has launched a Crowdfunder appeal to help people in the community around Bath, Chippenham, Swindon and the Surrounding area benefit from her interactive, Kiddleydivey sessions.

The appeal - Kiddleydivey - Music activities for the elderly, is set up to raise a £500 target, with the aim of bringing interactive, musical sessions to the local community so older adults improve their mental, physical and emotional well-being.

Alyson, who holds a level 2 award for chair based exercise, said 'I have witnessed some amazing results, achieved when music and songs, specially chosen for their inherent therapeutic qualities, are combined with props to facilitate and encourage movement, social interaction and memory function.'

Her sessions include

  • Singing and dancing are encouraged (where appropriate, or chair based dancing/movements)

  • The use of stimulating and exciting props and musical instruments

  • A new theme every visit – including songs from the musicals, Easter, Christmas,Summer holiday etc

  • Reminiscence using props for discussion when appropriateGentle exercise – movement is encouraged even if slightly.

  • Fun and laughter are a huge part of the sessions

The benefits of music for general well-being are widely known, Alyson explains the particular benefits that her sessions can bring to those that take part.

  • Those who can no longer hold conversation may be able to sing whole songs!

  • Those who are introverted, joining in to interact

  • Positive changes in mood and emotional states

  • Improved memory function

  • Increased mobility

  • Opportunities to interact socially

  • Non pharmacological management of pain and discomfort

The £500 aimed for would fully fund 10 sessions in the community. If group’s are able to part fund the session, Alyson can provide 20 sessions in the community!

Donate today to help provide Kiddleydivey music in the community.

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