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Hello November

Hello November from Bright Copper Kettles CIC

Hello November

A great month for trying something new. #NewThingsNovember

Last November our 'try something new' involved changing the platform for our blog. Yes, it's been a whole year since we changed to our new look blog. Looking back, we're agreed that it has been a successful move. We love that you can search for topics and find related content to read. We hope that you have found this useful too.

Actually, we didn't stop trying new things at the end of November last year. We've had lots of new things going on over the last 12 months, the biggest of which was the new membership platform which was launched in March.

If haven't had a chance to check it out yet, please take a look and sign up to receive our newsletters and download your FREE calendar blank and other printable resources for November too.

As you know we love Action for Happiness and, in particular, the calendars that they produce each month. We're determined to make the most of #NewThingsNovember again this year - will you join us? Day one: Make a list of new things you want to try out this month.

Our top tip for this month:

We think this Action For Happiness calendar is a great resource to share with your residents too!

Download your copy here print it out and use it as a conversation starter. You'll be bound to find out lots of new information about your residents which will really help you to plan meaningful activities for them in the future.

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