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Happy Days - Have You Seen our 1950s Room Scene Wallpaper?

At Happy Days, we appreciate there’s nothing better than fresh air for feeling good but when residents, patients and people living with dementia, really can’t get outside – we like to create everyday environments indoors to share and enjoy. Providing an interesting or themed community space can bring carers, visitors and residents or patients together,

encouraging meaningful conversation, interaction and activity for social well-being.

Growing up being part of a large predominantly male family in the the building industry means that building projects and alterations don’t discourage me. But to be honest, for the care home and hospital environment, the quicker and simpler the process, the better. Making huge room changes in care service environments is unsettling not only for the residents or patients, but puts extra pressure on the carers, administration and managers.

Visiting residential and care services as often as I do, I get to see the very best living environments and I also see some areas which could be improved. When I talk about the best, I’m not referring to brand new buildings [in fairness, they can boast fabulous finishes, colour schemes and furnishings], I’m talking about care services which provide

engaging backdrops or spaces for residents or patients to enjoy. We’ve noticed a real sense of community developing in homes where we’ve worked with managers to provide or install themed spaces: Garden Room - Market Square - Seaside Corridor - French Cafe and our most recent project, a fully operational Olde Fashioned Sweet Shop with seating area and curiosities.

When I was younger, I always wanted to be a window dresser. I’m guessing the title now would be something like Visual Merchandiser. And I suppose that’s just what I’m doing now, creating visual and interactive surroundings for residential and dementia care homes, hospitals and community spaces. At Happy Days, we like to make a difference -

and that’s why we ensure there are plenty of conversation prompts and nostalgic artifacts to help carers, care coordinators and relatives reminisce and engage in everyday living with the people they love and care for - sometimes it’s just the little things that can engage a person.

See our more from... Happy Days page to read the whole story and find out more.

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