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Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Ahh, yes another American Day which has been welcomed with loving arms in the UK.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich or Cheese Toastie as we call them here, are a familiar comfort food and the range of fillings to choose from are endless.

Select from your favourite cheeses, add bacon, mushrooms or german sausage (or all three) and the smell is devine. A breakfast toastie with your morning coffee mmm...

The table-top sandwich toaster means that residents can be supported to make and toast their own sandwiches too.

Otherwise, you will need to speak to catering staff to provide this tasty snack as an extra, or serve at tea-time with a salad.

Thanks to James Ball of Oak House Kitchen you can also include those with a dysphagia diet too.

Oak House Kitchen

Preston Walker and James Ball set up Oak House Kitchen in 2017 to provide catering consultancy and training in the healthcare sector. Meeting in 2013, James and Preston collaborated on a number of projects to develop the quality food and training within health and social care. James joined Preston and the team at Oak House Residential Home in 2015.

Their approach is deeply rooted in a love of food and drink and the well being it can bring. Simple modifications can make a huge difference, without turning mealtimes into a laborious or difficult process.

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