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Online sound healing studio GONG is putting together an event to "Gong for our Carers" on Saturday, 27th February. The event is a tribute to the round-the-clock efforts of care workers, and an acknowledgement that those who are giving care rarely have the time to receive care themselves. The idea is that a team of 12 gong players will be gonging for 12 hours straight so that care workers - and anyone in need of some sound healing - can drop in for as little as 10 minutes inbetween shifts or as long as an hour or more. At least 20 minutes is recommended to benefit from the brainwave entrainment effects of the sound.

For anyone who is new to the concept of sound healing, it's a deeply relaxing and nourishing form of meditation that doesn't require any prior experience or practice. All that's required is a pair of headphones, and ideally a comfortable place to lie down. Most people are surprised at just how soothing the sound of the gong and other ancient instruments can be, and how good they feel after even just 10 minutes of taking time to pause, breath and listen.

Everyone is welcome to join the 'gongathon', and anyone can benefit. It's free for care workers, and by donation for everyone else (100% of proceeds will go to the WHO's

Come and join the Gong

When: Saturday, 27 February | 8am - 8pm GMT

Where: Zoom (+ live on our social pages - details will be sent to all registered participants)

Who: Everyone! And especially frontline care workers

Register to join at


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