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Get me a laptop!

It's really important for Care Home Wellbeing & Activities Coordinators to have access to the right tools for the job. Too many of them are expected to provide the required support for residents without having the essential tools.

Have you been provided with a laptop?

A laptop is ideal for planning future activities with your residents.

  • Finding FREE resources (word-searches, colouring pages for adults, etc.)

  • Finding out about Special Days, Weeks & Months

  • Art and Craft ideas

  • Creating Posters to inform residents and visitors of upcoming events

  • Creating Activity Boards

  • Creating Resources to compliment their own ideas

  • Connecting with other Activity Coordinators for support and sharing of ideas and experiences

  • Contacting Entertainers to make/confirm bookings

  • Booking Theatre, Museum, Library visits, etc.

  • Creating Notice Board Events Calendars, etc.

  • Joining schemes that help to raise money for amenities fund

  • Emailing, events details to friends and relatives to keep them in the loop

  • Befriending other Care Homes elsewhere in this country or abroad

Sharing ideas with others in the care team, encouraging them to really get involved and share their ideas too.

And, most importantly, can be shared with residents ANYWHERE so that they can help with ideas, keep in contact with their friends and family through emails and Skype/Zoom.

Note: Bright Copper Kettles Membership is ideal for Wellbeing & Activity Coordinators click here for more information.


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