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Free Activities to help Greater Manchester Residents through the Winter

Starting today, there will be hundreds of free activities on offer to help older Greater Manchester residents through the winter, especially those living with dementia.

The activities will be provided through the Greater Moments app in partnership with Bright Copper Kettles CIC, an organisation which provides practical, evidence-based wellbeing activities within care homes.

The Greater Moments app has been developed by Social Sense and Hitch Marketing as part of Dementia United, Greater Manchester’s programme for dementia.

The aim of the app is to bring local services, activities and social experiences together in one place, enabling greater connection throughout communities and improved wellbeing for carers and those with long term conditions.

Founder of Bright Copper Kettles CIC Caroline Benham explained:

“The winter months are already challenging and this year it is compounded by COVID-19 and its effect of keeping families apart.

Through this exciting partnership we can achieve our shared aim of demonstrably improving quality of life through carefully planned, positive and meaningful activities”

The BBC report Coronavirus: Dementia patients 'deteriorating' without family visits noted that people living with dementia and those who care for them are a population group to be significantly affected by the tougher measures of lockdown and restricted social interaction and those behind the Greater Moments app are determined to make a difference.

Leading the Greater Moments programme for Social Sense is Stacey Adams, added :

“Our aim with the Greater Moments app and programme is to help those living with dementia seek out and enjoy more of the moments that matter.

The app was always intended to bring the best of Greater Manchester into one place. Until physical doors reopen, we’re working doubly hard to bring greater moments to people wherever they are living. This partnership is an exciting next step.”

A great example of the steps the Greater Moments team are making is the Christmas event which was live streamed to an estimated audience of more than 1000 people - an event supported by Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham as one that could “bring people together despite social barriers”.

The activities provided through the app will create fun and stimulating experiences in homes and care settings whilst, the weekly drop-in zoom sessions will connect professionals and family members who can share experiences, ideas and what is working well to maintain a positive mood.

Take a look at the app for yourself;

In addition to the virtual group activities, the free distribution of high street magazines will be continuing across the region. These can also be requested on an individual or network basis through the app.

Professional carers, family carers or anybody living with dementia can register for free at

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