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Freeing up more time to focus on residents

Avante Care & Support have been collaborating with Nourish care planning technology over the past year. Nourish, a cutting-edge technology that has enabled Avante Care & Support to completely remove paper care plans.

Electronic care planning brings many benefits, including working more efficiently when recording residents' information and freeing up more time to focus on residents.

Other benefits include creating consistent reporting across the home, less data input duplication, and quicker access to historical resident data.

The culmination of this collaborative effort was celebrated on August 16th, when Avante Care & Support commemorated the successful implementation of digital care plans across all ten of its care homes.

The celebration took place at the organization's headquarters in Faversham, Kent. Attendees included Matt Heath and Heather Taylor, who were the project leaders, as well as representatives from both Nourish and Avante Care & Support.

Since adopting Nourish's technology, Avante's staff members have experienced numerous benefits. The shift from traditional paper-based care plans to technology-driven solutions has allowed staff to input crucial information directly at the point of contact with residents.

This has enabled more thorough and personalized assessments of residents' personal and practical care needs, aligning with a "person-centered" approach to care.

Furthermore, Nourish's state-of-the-art technology has enabled staff members to identify patterns of behavior and indicators of well-being that may have otherwise gone unnoticed. This advanced analytical capability enhances the quality of care provided to residents.

Overall, the collaboration between Avante Care & Support and Nourish stands as a successful example of how embracing technology can significantly improve efficiency, accuracy, and the quality of care in the realm of residential care services.


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