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Early recognition for Sophie at Springhill Care

#caringheroes at Springhill Care

Sophie, who has been at Springhill Care for just over four months in her role as Learning and Development Coordinator, has been praised for her exceptional support to staff. This month she picked up Springhill's Caring Hero Award having been recognised for going above and beyond for staff and residents at the Accrington-based care home. . Sophie is committed to supporting her colleagues at Springhill and recognises the potential in each member of staff, she has been supporting them with competencies and on-going qualifications, often staying at work late to help them achieve their aspirations.

Mike Lakins, Head of Learning and Development at Springhill said: “Sophie will always go the extra mile with staff and offers support and guidance in all aspects of their job role – she has supported staff with competencies and on-going qualifications, staying late to help them achieve their aspirations when necessary and when she has been asked to.

“She cares about her job role and is committed to supporting staff and encouraging the potential in everyone.” Well done Sophie!

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