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Creating a 1950s Tea Room

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

Bright Copper Kettles CIC - Themed Afternoon Tea
Afternoon Tea - Themes

It has become popular for care homes to decorate rooms with a retro theme.

Seen as being of benefit for older people with dementia who may feel more relaxed in these more familiar settings, these retro rooms are also very representative of a UK ‘Hygge’ lifestyle which has become more fashionable again recently.

Therefore, creating a 1950s Tea Room or Parlour styled lounge can be embraced by all residents and family members.

Choose the style of your room

– Parlour - lounge type or café - tearoom style?

A café - tearoom style is useful to encourage a more sociable feel to your dining area, or to add another dining area. You will need small lunch tables and chairs (for 2-4 people), covered with pretty, linen table-cloths. Set each table with a small flower arrangement. You will need a teapot, jug and sugar bowl for each table. It would be lovely to also include a cake stand for each table. Tea sets can either be bone china or the more serviceable 1950s types. Make use of whatever you are donated. It can be really disheartening for relatives to donate items, only to find they are never used. As well as cups, saucers and plates, cake forks or pastry forks and teaspoons will be a great addition to your collection.

For a parlour or lounge type room, use armchairs and small tables, another important large item is a piano which can be used for a sing-along. Again, cover small tables with tablecloths. A larger coffee table can be useful in this style of room too.

In both room types a welsh dresser with an array of plates, cups and saucers and retro ornaments will add an attractive focal point and useful storage for items you wish to use during your afternoon tea sessions. Net curtains and floral curtains will also add to the theme.

Either style of room can become a favourite space for different types of activities. Include Newspapers and Magazines for a relaxed reading space. Don’t forget to include a source for music, cd player, or preferably a turntable record player and a collection of records that residents can look through and choose to play.

Take a look on Pinterest for visual ideas and if you are lucky enough to have a budget to allow purchases, there a lot of Murals and images to add to walls to complete the look.

We have lots of ideas for Afternoon Tea activities in our membership courses so you can ring the changes to your regular afternoon tea sessions.

Join our Membership to find inspiration and information with fresh activity ideas each and every month.

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