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Connect: Lisa Marshall-Hill

Last week I came across Lisa Marshall-Hill. I read about her photography project involving people with dementia and I'm looking forward to hearing more about it and seeing the wonderful results.

Lisa introduces herself and her project here, please connect with her and get involved in the project if you can.

Hello my name is Lisa Marshall - Hill,

I have a higher national diploma in photography which I have achieved as a mature student. I am going to Northampton University in September for a year to get my degree in photography.

As it is a final year of study we get to choose our final project, with the opportunity to exhibit our work. I have chosen to do a project regarding the power of photography and linking it to dementia.

The reason behind me deciding to do this is in honour of my grandfather who was my inspiration and mentor in photography.

From the age of 5, I used to go out with him and take photographs and make albums together, this continued all through my childhood into adulthood.

When he developed dementia, everytime I visited him we would go through the albums together, he always used to say that I should go professional.

When he died I fulfilled his and my dream.

My plan is to do a scrapbook project, where I go into residential homes and work with residents and their family and also work with families out in the community.

Together we do a craft session where family members bring old photos in to add to the scrapbook, then I take photos of them doing this and also make arrangements to photograph some future activities they do together, all to go into the scrapbook, I am calling it "Saving memories while making new ones".

They then get to keep the scrapbook.

I also plan to exhibit some images I have created like the image above, to try and portray dementia artistically.

In the hope of raising awareness.

I am looking for some volunteers who would like to take part in the scrapbook project.

If you would be interested please contact me on 07807253787

or email

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