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Change is as good as a rest

Are you ready for a new month starting tomorrow?

This month I invite you to make some positive changes in your life.

Look at the ways you can simplify your job and create space to act upon your ideas and stretch your imagination too.

Tiny shifts in your current routine can make a huge difference to how you and your care home family experience the world.

Take a look at;

  • where you do your planning

  • who you involve in your decision making

  • how you explore future activity ideas (old and new)

  • what resources you have readily available

  • why your current routine is set - and who is it serving?

  • when you spend time planning and delivering activities

Do your answers make sense to you?

Does where you do your planning, for instance, serve your best interests? Are you easily distracted? Do you actually enjoy this space? Do you have everything you need to hand? Are you comfortable? Are you able to practise simple self-care, such as nutrition & hydration when you are in this particular space?

I can help you explore this further in the Activity Coordinators Toolbox - £295

or the How to plan care home activities online course - £95

Both available from Bright Copper Kettles Academy


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