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Can Aromatherapy help my stress?

Bright Copper Kettles CIC blog: Can Aromatherapy help my stress? writer, Helen Buckley of Revive All
Helen writes our Aromatherapy Awareness Week blogs

Here's our second Aromatherapy Awareness Week blog from Helen Buckley, owner of Revive All and FHT local group coordinator for Northampton.

Stress. What is it and how does it affect us?

Generally, stress is deemed and stated by the mental health charity Mind to be additional pressure placed on us either through a situation or events. This can be a number of events or it can be a single situation.

Bright Copper Kettles CIC blog: Can aromatherapy help my stress? photo shows aromatherapy oils used to reduce stress.
Can aromatherapy help my stress?

Currently there is no medical definition of stress and no agreement if it is the stress that causes the problems or the other way round. All we know is that stress is part of 21st Century life and experienced by a large number of people especially in the caring community. During this time, it is increasingly more difficult to cope with our stress related problems. Our normal tools may not be working or we may not know which ones to try.

Being under pressure is a normal part of life, it is when the pressures become too much that it can lead to mental health problems and further problems such as anxiety and depression.

Aromatherapy is one method among many that can help you to cope with the overwhelming pressures.

Aromatherapy uses two valuable tools to reduce stress, these being touch and scent. Touch is one of the first senses developed and smell is one of the last senses to leave us when we die. Specific essential oils such as Lavender, Frankincense, Ylang Ylang and Bergamot can help to reduce the symptoms and enable us to deal with the underlying issues creating the stress in the first place.

There have been numerous studies conducted using aromatherapy oils and massage, with patients under undue stress. Many demonstrating a reduction in stress like symptoms and pain whilst creating an increased sense of calm.

For me my most often used essential oils for stress are

Lavender, a widely accepted essential oil used in the treatment of stress and insomnia.

Bergamot, useful in the treatment of depression.

Ylang Ylang, helps with relaxation and insomnia

Frankincense, useful in the treatment of anxiety and depression and for stilling the mind to enable sleep.

Lemon, the citrus oils are useful in uplifting emotions and treating depression. Lemon is my personal favourite.

Mandarin, a cheerful and balancing oil, often popular with children.

Most aromatherapists will be able to create a blend of aromatherapy oils specific to your needs. You will be able to use them in a variety of ways convenient to you. The most common being an aromatherapy massage, diffusers, bath oils and pulse point blends.

If you would like to speak to me about any of these methods or any of the oils mentioned here please contact me on or find me on Facebook as Revive All or at

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