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Nutrition and Hydration Week

Once again it's Nutrition and Hydration Week (11th - 17th March 2024) and it's a great time to really think about how to encourage residents to improve their diet by adding healthy snacks and themed options for mealtimes.

There has never been a more important time to raise awareness of eating and drinking well in later life with UK estimates suggesting 1.3 million people over 65 suffer from malnutrition and almost a third of people in the UK aged 65 years or over being at risk of malnutrition on admission to a hospital or care home. (Source Malnutrition Task Force)

Malnutrition and mortality are usually closely linked. Malnutrition lengthens hospital stays, reduces quality of life and increases the risk of developing other diseases. As an Activity Coordinator there is much that you can do to take action to improve the odds in your care home.

Cognitive challenges like dementia and other health conditions, can exacerbate issues with eating and drinking. There are currently around 900,000 people living with dementia in the UK (Source: Alzheimer’s Society)

Lewis Hornby has spent over five years developing award-winning hydration snack Jelly Drops (now also nutritionally supportive), After spending a month in his grandmother’s care home he realised that whilst many struggled hydrating adequately, offering a treat was a much easier proposition. After consulting with carers and other specialists, he spent 18 months testing and developing the product before Jelly Drops officially launched in 2020.

These sweet treats have been a lifeline for many with glowing reviews from family members, like this one;

“These really are an excellent source of hydration for the elderly. Prior to finding Jelly Drops my mum wouldn’t drink enough water, she was constantly getting UTI’s, becoming confused, falling and ending up in hospital for months. Since taking these she is so much better, hasn’t had a UTI and managed to stay out of hospital. These really are an investment for the elderly - can’t recommend them enough”

Jane Barnes, Conwy, UK

Jelly Drops are award-winning 95% water sweets, with added vitamin support (sugar-free and vegan) available at


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