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Call to mind... at the Care and Dementia Show

Last week I went to the Birmingham NEC to visit the Care and Dementia Show. It was a great opportunity to meet lots of people who are involved in the industry and to see the many products available. I visited the Call to mind stand but unfortunately, Laura was busy elsewhere. I was sorry to have missed her, however, she very kindly sent through this article explaining why attending the show was so important to her.

Call to mind… at the Care & Dementia Show

It’s always so gratifying attending a show for two main reasons.

Firstly, it’s a real treat to meet people who already have the board game and tell me how much it has made a difference to them and the people they care for. They tell me how much they have got to know the person with dementia, what interesting conversations they’ve had, and what fun it is to play.

Secondly, there are those who have never heard of the game but realise this might be just the thing they are looking for. It is bright, cheery and easy to play, yet it’s not an adapted children’s game. It has been designed specifically for people with dementia after years of research and trialing with University College London.

It comes across as just a fun way to spend time, yet you can find out more about a person after 45 minutes of playing this game, than hours of scripted questions. It can be played by all the family, even children and teenagers! For people who are at a loss for things to say, this is ideal. The topics on the cards stimulate conversations easily and quickly – so that even those who are reticent to talk, will soon feel comfortable chatting away.

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